Create the media ecosystem your story needs to thrive.

I've worked with clients and organizations across sectors, from the smallest start-ups to some of the biggest corporations. Regardless of size, resources, and budget -- the success of an idea always comes down to this: is there a good story to tell?

I'll work with you to understand your mission and vision for success, get to know the people who matter to you, and get a solid idea of what you're hoping to achieve. At the heart of this process is understanding the story you are trying to tell, and why.

Once we've established your story and cast of characters, we can set the stage. From here, I design tailor-made communications strategies and tactics you can use across media channels -- your media ecosystem -- to bring your stories to life.

Consulting services

  • In-person or virtual consultation (my services know no geographic bounds)
  • Custom-built marketing and communications strategies (your best-laid plans)
    • Brand strategy and development (establish your character)
    • Key message development (your narrative)
    • Tactical development (the tools you will use)
    • Timelines and production planning
  • Production services 
    • Creative production puts your plans into action

Consulting services are billed depending on budget and scope and can be hourly or by project. For a quote or to inquire about consulting services for your next project: