It starts with a story.


Your brand, business, or initiative has a unique story to tell, and I specialize in developing media ecosystems that help stories thrive in a vast wilderness of media content.

With a background in media and journalism, community education and corporate communications, I bring over a decade of experience working with a variety of companies, non-profits and thought-leaders to develop creative content that stands out. 

Let's bring your story to life. 


Developing a diversity of creative content.

With expertise in video production, editing and post-production, animation, script development, storyboarding and brand copywriting, I have worked with clients on projects for a wide array of companies, from the largest digital brands to the smallest start-ups. 

If you have a vision for a project or initiative, I can help.

Telling stories of wild imagination


A Governor General Award-winning children's author, Jon-Erik's work reflects the magic of curiosity and wonder, the wildness of nature, and the potential of boundless imagination. 

Critical Reviews for Tokyo Digs a Garden

"A thing of beauty." --The New York Times
Highly recommended for every kid growing up surrounded by pavement, steel and concrete.” - The Globe & Mail
"A haunting modern day fairy tale.”  - Publisher’s Weekly